Starting Your Own Freelance Writing Company From Scratch

Published: 29th October 2009
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Writing articles on the Internet is the perfect way for making money online. It is the easiest profession to get started in. It does take a little effort to create articles, but all it takes is the ability to write simple English and know how to research Google to get results about your questions on topics.

Many freelance writers make the bulk of their money writing for publishers, websites and other webmasters looking for web site content. While the freelance writing business is very lucrative, it does have its challenges, such as trying to outshine the rest of the competition. Because the online writing business is so lucrative, there are many people trying to do the same thing as you, but here are some ways to get more promoting for you articles and writing services:

Free Classified Ads- Many people under-estimate the power of free classified ads. The key is to find those that have a high page ranking such as and You want to write detailed ad copies for your classified ads. Also, making interesting headlines will get a pretty good reaction from people surfing the site and from the search engines. For every ad I have written, I have gotten at least 4-5 clicks from each to my website. Now, if you write about 50 quick classified ads per day, which is like 200 visitors which should result in two sales. This method works best if you are selling a direct product such as an e-book or article packs.

Forums- This will always be the best way to promote your article and writing services. Forums are great because a lot of site owners are looking for new Internet marketing tools here. Many of the forums already come with a built in content marketplace, making it easy to find clients. The more returning clients you have for you writing projects, the more money you will make. If you have over 10 clients on your list who are making request for articles that amount to $10 each, that is $100 per day!

Online freelance writing boards- There are many online freelance writing boards that can help you get paid to write articles online. The key is finding reputable ones with a support forum of other writers where you can connect to possible to publishers as possible to build a client list. They do have online writing forums that can help you achieve a client writing list. The best thing about it is that this method is free and you can connect with clients personally.

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