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Published: 10th June 2010
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How many careers do you know where you can earn money on the Internet with little to no experience and still make a six figure salary?; not many. Freelance writing is one of the most popular ways to earn a living online because there is no investment required. There are a ton of freelance writing jobs available. Despite there being a lot of competition for others looking to make money writing articles, a freelance career is the way to go.

Before the boom of the Internet, businesses were operating from a real building. If a business wanted to get the word out about their company, they would hire writers either through PR firms or literary agents. Now in days, the Internet has allows people a free way to make money with little or no experience. Most businesses moved their company online, which means writers don't have to fight as hard to get freelance writing jobs and can earn money on the Internet. They also don't have to beg editors to read their inquiries or article suggestions.

What exactly does it mean to make money writing articles? To really make money on the Internet as a writer, one has to be focused and decided what type of writing they would be more comfortable doing. Do you like to write Internet marketing articles? Do you like fashion? Thinking of a topic that you will enjoy writing will make the career more lasting and fulfilling.

How do you want to get into the writing industry? Do you want to work for GPT writing sites, or do you want to sell your own prewritten articles for profit? Whatever you decide as a writer, it will be a personal choice. Just know that GPT sites pay extremely less and it is almost impossible to earn a full time income with these type of sites (as most of them only pay $2-$4/per article). Selling pre-written articles can prove to be more profitable, it just will take some hard work to find buyers.

How To Find Writing Clients- Finding clients that may be interested in purchasing articles can prove to be a hard task. There are many reasons for this; one, the competition is really high amongst other writers. It can be pretty tempting to purchase an article for only $2, which makes it hard for really good writer to market their services when they charge $20 per article. How can you win the writing client over?

There are a couple that can be done to win someone over to use your writing services. First, make sure to present a really good portfolio. Despite what others might say, people recognize quality when they see it. Make sure your writing samples are free of errors and you showcase multiple writing styles on different topics/subjects. Offer your clients free objectives like e-books or a free article for every purchase over $50. People want to know they are getting the most for their money.

With a little patience, writers can make a six figure salary if they play their cards right. It is possible to earn money on the Internet as a freelance writer.

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